Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kydex Holster: Pictures and Pricing

* Pocket Holster - Contact for current pricing
* OWB Holster - Contact for current pricing
* OWB/IWB Holster - Contact for current pricing
* Sheaths, Magazines, etc - Depends on specifics

E-mail or message me for quotes on other items or if you are looking for something specific.

To start things off here are some of my most recently shipped kydex holsters.

Diamondback 9mm Pocket Holster with Thumb Push

S&W M&P Compact OWB Holster

J-frame Tuck-able IWB Holster

Kahr PM9-CT OWB Holster(Molded using CW9-CT)

Kahr CW9 OWB Holster

Springfield Armory XDm 3.8 IWB/OWB Holster

Dozier Knife Sheath

Magpul Pmag OWB Holster

Kydex/Leather Hybrid Wallet Holster

J-hooks and IWB Loops Now available:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Recent Holster Work - Kydex and Leather

Here are some special holster that I have finished over the last week, these are in addition to a bunch of leather pocket holsters.

Let me know if any of these interest you, I've guns/molds for over 30 guns.


NAA PUG Tuck-able IWB Holster

Sig P238 OWB w/Kydex 1-1/2" Loops

Kahr PM9 w/Crimson Trace OWB Holster  
(CW9-CT Used to Mold)

Kahr CW9 OWB Holster

Smith & Wesson M&Pc OWB Holster

Diamondback 9mm Pocket Holster with Thumb Push

Ruger LCP "Wallet" Holster - Prototype