Friday, October 25, 2013

Recent holster builds

Since i've really been bad at blogging the last year figured I would share a bunch of holsters that I've made in that time.

Caracal C Dual-IWB with J-hooks

 Kydex OWB Holsters - CZ P07 and FNH FNX-9

NAA Pouch Holsters with 5 round ammo pouch.

Kydex Mags in process

Glock 21SF with Inforce APL - Army Green

Springfield Armory XDS - Appendix IWB Hybrid

Glock 19 - Chocolate Kydex

Glock 21SF & Inforce APL

Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri and Ontario Ranger Knife Sheaths

Light/Mag Minimalist OWB Holster

S&W Shield Hybrid IWB Holster

Caracal F Leather OWB Holster

I'll add more as time permits.

Glock 30S Holsters

Have had some demand for holsters to fit the new Glock 30s, which is basically a Glock 30SF frame and Glock 36 slide.  After searching for a while I was finally able to secure a dummy gun for the 30S.

First couple of holsters for the 30s are one their way to a LEO in New York.

First impressions are I like the capacity(10+1) and the thin slide does make it marginally easier to carry.  I'm assuming the weight difference would be noticeable too.

Hoping to pick up an actual gun too.