Friday, June 10, 2011

Custom OWB Holster for a NAA .22lr and Leatherman Multi-Tool

Have made quite a few pocket holster for the NAA Mini-Revolvers that also have a slot for a Leatherman multi-tool or knife, but never tried one with belt loops.  Had a customer request one setup like that and just finished it up today.

Holster is black leather(washes out a bit with the flash), and the loops are Kydex for a 1-1/2" belt.  If needed the loops can be removed and the holster used for pocket carry.

My initial plan was to do the loops in leather, but space limitations made that pretty difficult.  Now that I'm getting into Kydex holster making, figured why not use the kydex loops that I will be using on those holsters.

I'm pleased how it turned out and hope the customer likes it too.

Front of the Holster:

Back of the Holster:

Belt Loop:

Holster on belt(bad pic because of flash):

Look forward to adding more custom holster builds in the future.


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